Friday, August 7, 2009

Saving Money.

As school fast approaches, many of us find ourselves faced with a problem: what to buy, because of the limit we have on money. The truth is, things may not be as expensive as they seem. Read on to find some tips on how to get things cheaper when back to school shopping.

1. Wait. If you find something you like at a store close by, wait to buy it. Chances are it will go on sale pretty soon, even if it's only a little cheaper. You're still saving money!
2. Look for coupons. It's as easy as typing in "American Eagle coupons" into your Google search box. All the coupons available will come up, and most of them you can print. Or look through bags from previous purchases, or sign up for rewards and catalogs through the mail. They always send coupons. Also, look in your favorite magazines.

3. Find a cheaper version. So you go to the store, and see a white scarf you just love. Say, Macy's. $30. If it's just a plain white scarf, head to Claire's. Chances are you can get almost exactly the same one with a different tag for $10. No one will know the difference.

Hope these helped, and maybe I'll post more soon. (:


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